Oct. 26th, 2005

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This isn't nearly as satisfying as I'd hoped it would be. The hotels are nice. Harleen is interesting company and I'm applying designs for my babies all over the United States. Due to the remote location of some, they might even integrate and breed into the local flora. I'd love to see the developer that tries to build mini-malls and soulless apartment structures on the swamp I left last week.

The food all tastes the same. The hotels look alike. I still don't have vengeance for my real beloved and Harleen's warmth is no real comfort in the face of having someone who truly understands. All these rabbits and no real challenges. They aren't the real people I want to destroy and feed my babies with their meat.

Maybe I have lost focus. I do know I'm depressed and playing litter crew, while lucrative, isn't creating the world I want. It's removing such a small bit of the Earth's burdens for other wastes of space and resources. Still, the DNA I'm collecting from these mob bosses may yet prove useful. So far, however, it's sociopathic tendencies without spark or creativity. Also, no powers. I would like my beloved to keep up with me when I do make him.

Yes, "make," and "him." I should explain. I could have easily put the essence of my lover into Harleen by now, or even Deathstroke when he dropped them off. Deathstroke lacked charm, however and is too useful to me the way he is for a start. Also, as stupid and subservient as she can be at times I would never want to take away who Harleen is. That is the Joker's disease and rot on her soul. It is not the way I would like to prune and grow Harleen's eventual shape. She should be her free spirited self and be this beautiful destroyer of the insanity man creates - like the flood or volcano that lays down fertile soil and uproots anything it pleases in order to do it. Plus, I want children of all sorts and it is more difficult to create children with two females. There is competition with two X chromosomes as to who rules and what the the mitochondrial DNA should look like. There is just less to adjust with a male. To think "the passive," is linked with the female psychology even still within academic fields when a Y is just an incomplete X that will bind itself to the traits on the whole chromosome upon meeting! It is completely unnatural.

I guess I could seek the Flash. He provided a good host before. The powers were nice to have around and, for a male, he was a nice physical specimen. Still, Dr. Crane will tell you, the fear of something is better than actually doing it. I hope I can wreck more justice later upon his life, but in the meantime, let he and the little girl he discovered fear that I could put his mind back into a box when I feel like it. Let the males in the superhero set have nightmares about me consuming them like a a Pitcher Plant dissolves a fly. Let the women who have signed on against the world and I waste their worries on such imperfect creatures. Distraction is a beautiful thing.

No, for my love I want only the best and I have a plan. I will find what is worth saving in the muck of humanity. I will find these wasteful beings and drive out of them all impurities. Then, I shall blend the rest into something of beauty from the nucleus on up - a body worthy of such a magical spirit. I still haven't found my template, but I will. A gardener is nothing if not a very patient being.

Such things are not cheap, however, so back to work I go. This latest one, at least, has a Gotham accent and black hair, or so I'm told.


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