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Death came and she was replanted. Everything feels alien, yet she knows the names of the sounds, the words to decribe the stench in the air. She knows she is hunted. She cannot remember if she had any benefactors.

She wandered to a place called Sea Til. Some of the streets looked right. It smelled better than here. But it didn't feel right. She had acclimated to a new climate and she let the tar and stone ribbons through America take her here as if lured by some migratory instinct.

And so she sits on a bench in what she knows to be Robinson Park in some fiefdom named "Gotham," covered from the rain and the sun as to not be cased from this place until she understands why she is here.

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Robinson Park was supposed to be a safe place for him to stay for the evening. That is what he heard from others at the mission. But it was not, it was not safe at all.

Dolemeck found himself running from a gang of adults. Adults who no doubt wanted the coat off his back or his shoes. They picked on the weak, the small, the frail. They picked on him.

It was not long before he found himself slammed up against a tree, within earshot of a bench in the park. Demands for money were made. They thought he had money? Did they know who he was?

The minute a knife was shown, every memory of the night his father died flashed before his eyes. He was frozen and he lost control of his bladder, which made the adults threatening him laugh. His mind went on a vacation, so he did not have to hear how they mocked him, or be there when they no doubt would kill him for all but fifty cents in his pocket.

This was the end... this was how he was going to die. At the hands of thugs, just like his father. It wasn't fair, it wasn't fair at all.

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His mind returned to reality, finding himself being hugged by a tree. Not hugged, held in place. The voice he heard was somewhat familiar, but his mind was so rattled, he could not place it. Instead, he was told to tell this woman he would not speak of what just happened.

"..." His lips parted, but no sound came out, other than a cry. He was weeping hysterically, like a small child. He could not speak, he could not tell this woman he would never reveal what happened! He was going to get thrown like those thugs and killed! Perhaps it would have been better if the muggers stabbed him to death.

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He nodded his head. He remembered the Earthquake vividly. Dolemeck had been separated from his parents when it happened. He was so small, so scared. He cried the same way he was doing now, as he did back then. But the woman who watched over him during that event, she was so kind to him.

She was impressed over his love of nature and his ability to plant seeds and care for them. Eventually, he was found and returned to his parents. Police said it was a marvel he was not more traumatized, as the Earthquake was an incredibly scary event for all.

His whole body continued to tremble against the tree, and his crying was trying to cease. For now, it appeared to be reduced to hiccups of some sort.

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"..." Again, no sound escaped his lips as they parted to try and speak. No matter how frightened he was, how much Ivy yelled at him... nothing was coming out. The young man looked as though he was trying hard to speak, trying so hard to give Ivy what she demanded of him. But there was nothing.

All Dolemeck could do was nod his head to confirm that he was there at the Quake.

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He could barely stand as the trees put him down. The shock of everything that was happening was nearly too much for him. Dolemeck felt as though his heart was going to beat right out of his chest. Instead, he remained still, watching as her mint colored hand reached out to him.

That sharpened nail tilted his head up, and then from side to side. The right side of his face was sporting a pretty bad scar... one that looks as though it never got any medical treatment. His skin was pale, almost a sickly pale. Eyes were a bright green and quite wide. And his hair? Black as night and reaching his shoulders from under his hoodie.

He looked as though he had not bathed in a long time and was painfully thin. It was obvious he was living on the streets of Gotham and that no one was caring for him... not anymore, at least.

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Now that the panic was starting to die down, he finally recognized her. The minute her hood dropped, Dolemeck knew who it was. It was her... the woman who saved him during the Earthquake so many years ago! Her name was... Poison Ivy, wasn't it? This made him smile, as he remembered how kind she was to him back then.

The offer of food from the bush that appeared made him salivate some. He quickly began to eat, as though his last meal was days ago (which was true). But to Ivy's surprise, Dolemeck saved the seeds from the berries he ate.

When he felt as though he had enough to eat, he knelt down on the ground and started to plant the seeds, something that was close to second nature with him. She could tell he was not doing this to impress her, it was just automatic.

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He nodded his head once more, after he was given a push out of the way. It was not terribly harsh, but it did make him move. Dolemeck reached into the inside of his hoodie and took out a newspaper clipping, one that was rather worn. He offered it to Ivy to show her the article.

"Anderson Night, founder of "Greening Night Industries" , found murdered in his home in Gotham. His youngest child, Dolemeck Night, is currently missing. His older son, Anderson Night the second, has taken control of the company. He announced that the company would take a new direction, leaving the "green" industry behind, for a more profitable venture."

Under the article was a picture of himself with his Father. Granted, he did not have the hideous scar in the picture...

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He was already starting to feel sleepy for some odd reason. Those bright green eyes of his started to close as Ivy continued to stroke his hair. She looked so angry, yet acted so tender. He did not know if he should fear her or hug her at this point.

Perhaps it was her pheromones, or the toxins in her body, but he sudden collapsed at Ivy's feet. Sound asleep, and looking like a little angel.


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