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It was still a charred waste. Oh, the JLA and the local police had obviously been through here taking apart every device, vivisecting every one of her babies to see how they lived and breathed, uncaring of their life and beauty. Who cares for the rights of plants who cannot speak and are killed by unthinking, insane fauna who developed rights for themselves but nothing, nothing else that breathed or grew or felt?

Tefe would understand the rage, but not what to do about it. The Demon's Head would understand what to do, but not the why. How could he? This left her, and her alone, to do the work and teach them to defend themselves from invaders.

The dream died here. By Nightwing's hands. By the Flash's hands. All she had was the seeds of it now and the chance at a new harvest.

The equipment had cost a small fortune to get for such a rush job. Dr. Mid-Nite's work had been so helpful with the idea. If she could reverse the cell wall integrity with the right stimuli she could make this fall apart at just the right time and just the right way...

The JLA wanted her for the spores. The JSA would want her for the DNA and research she had taken before leaving. The Titans would want her for personal reasons and that was the most dangerous reason of all. Then there was the Batman and goddess knows what the hell he was prepared for. Deathstroke couldn't hide or protect her from that. Not for long. Not with the "heroes," raping minds these days. She and her mate needed room to grow, and the plot they were in was getting smaller all the time.

Plus, Dark Angel had a point. Divide and conquer. Divide the heroes from one another...create tension points and then drive in a spade. It should at the very least buy her time. And it was known among the elect of Batman's villains that he nor his apprentices actually killed. Otherwise, they'd all be dead. Nor was the Flash a killer...Thier intersection point? Those they loved dearly...the families...the team. And the intersection of those teams?

Don't push me, weed. I just came to tell you that if you ever, ever get close to Flash again, if you mess with him again, I'll plant you in the deepest, darkest cave in Siberia where not even lichen grows. I'm not kidding around. That's a promise.

Well, Ms. Quick...not if I do that to you first.

She rubbed her arm where she had to remove Magenta's shrapnel. Too bad she couldn't pin this on her. She was already crazy, and this was coming from an Arkhamite. It wasn't Magenta's clothes she was wearing or her hairbrush she'd taken however. The clone would reach completion in a few hours. It was programmed to go back to New York and seek out Jesse through post-hypnotic suggestion. She should get going before then. Something was missing though...She took out the crown and placed it with the clone. Then the ring gets placed on the clone's finger. There...Upon her "death," the spell should go away and everyone should be free to be their disgusting, thoughtless selves again.

And they thought her without pity...


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