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Another day, another business deal. Funny, she expected the Halloween party to be a bit more of a joy to plan than this. Still, an easy 40K and yet another jerk male out of the gene pool. Plus, Bud sort of liked the femurs for crew toys.

"Oh, and we heard something else."

"And what's that?"

This was all very tiring. They all knew this was going to end in a gory death and a lot of money. Plus, they could threaten the remaining staff with repeat business. Still the demands came for more florishes. More requests for creative control from idiots who just did not get the art of it. All the why, Harliquinn was getting bored.

"That sometimes you and your girlfriend like to perform for the camera," he replies leering. "Not just the rabbit hunt either. We're big boys here."

Ah yes, the male facination with lesbianism...terrific. This makes three our of the last five stops that have asked for porn to be added to the show. What was the fascination she wondered as they giggled like boys at the thought. It was an area of sex where men weren't needed or involved. They just had to watch...Ah, that might be it, sloth. Sex without any effort at all. Hmph...she tuned back into the conversation.

"So we have, what Jake? About 3:1 that you take the clown to third base on film -"

"Harliqunn," Ivy corrects.


"Her name is Harliquinn." There's some frost in the voice. "Not 'clown.'"

"Right, whatever, so you do the guy and there's 40K, plus a third of the house take."



"Half...this IS Halloween, and we have a reputation here. This will be a special case. A real hitman with two real costumed criminals." A pause. "Plus you're asking for bonus features."

By the Great Green Goddess, she was becoming a hooker. Getting close to those business tycoons and private sector metas wasn't cheep and required contacts. Revenge and love were tough to manage - especially at the same time as the

She wondered when she would discover about the Joker being out, or about the fact the Society had her on low level fact finding and material gathering - and that Mr. J wasn't invited. Or, Goddess help her, if she discovered at all what this was really about and what Pamela Isley truly wanted out of this trip.
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